I wrote this piece a few years ago. Somehow it does not go away but I have seen a difference in dealing with imposter syndrome and feel that I have improved — growling out of my shelf.

Having heard about the imposter syndrome, I have observed that it is quite common - especially among women. Whether starting off something new or even in between that something they believe in or have worked hard for, they feel that they are just faking it and probably are not worthy enough of the recognition or even the reward that comes along with it.

As a child, I used to look at clouds of all shapes and sizes decorating the majestic sky and always wanted to capture the view. Given our science teachers were too realistic and taught us how the atmosphere is made of gas and molecules that make up the vast sky that looks like a giant painting to the human eye, I came to terms with the fact that I could never physically touch it, but as a smart kid, I managed to bring the sky to me.

On a piece of paper, I started sketching what I saw — 2…

No customized image for this story, thus a vector off of Google.

As I walk into classroom eager to start the day off with science as the very first subject for 8th standard, I feel the presence of a heavy aura surrounding one of my students in a corner of the class. It was her again, Carla, who had recently been having trouble at home with her parents. Although she had never uttered a word to another soul, I was able to read her mind the other day as much as I could read anyone else’s at command.

All it usually took was to first read the energy in the room I…

If you are an avid book hoarder like me (not exactly an avid reader which FYI, are completely different beings) and have a calling towards books for no particular reason — perhaps you only find the smell heavenly, how gorgeous they look in their diverse covers, and of course, the promise of *escapism* they give you perhaps to another land, to another story, another world that isn’t yours. Many a times the book you are interested in has had a good review, or almost relates to another similar novel you have read.

This usually intrigues you to take a step…

An Analogy of Introductions.

Introductions come in as a well-versed routine for some; while for others, it can lead to an existential crisis.

The basic start of an introduction usually begins by exchanging names, perhaps where they come from (in our beautifully globalized world, people are curious to learn more about the other culture), what they do for a living, how long they have been in that certain place — anything that helps one learn more about the other person.

For those who like meeting new people, growing their social circle, networking, boasting about their lives, introductions are but an…

Dear Someone referred to as Black,

In light of recent events, with all the riots/stands taking place in the USA, over social media, etc, related to the movement on the injustice beyond humane that recently took place with George Floyd and so many more that it has reached a new level of low for humanity, I strongly condemn that injustice, and the ones you personally have faced over the years that it should have been brought to a stop long ago. In fact, it never should have existed. With only support the lot of us can give through the image…

TikTok Logo
Credits: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/01/tiktok-viral-social-media-millennials-centennials-internet/

TikTok is currently the most happening app this year among the Younger Generation. You can see it for yourself in the videos shared on Facebook, on Instagram, Youtube, on the screens of the “kids” near you.

But is that all it is?

To understand the hype, one fine day downloaded the app. …

Ever since 2020 began, I have been trying to start a crochet business, a self-earning application, a writing sensation, a Tiktok channel on making simple drinks, one-pager draft business, etc etc. Simultaneously, I have been binging Netflix series like an addict.

This only means I have been running around in circles brewing new ideas every single day, with no destination, no execution in mind.

However, the face of our well-known legacy creators comes to mind and urges me to sit down and do at least one thing I believe I am good at: writing.

How did Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg

It is a privilege to share our thoughts and stories.

Our experiences that have made us what we are today. It may feel like a drag to share them, but I guess we are just taking them for granted.

You can never know who may benefit from our thoughts, experiences, how beneficial even a little line of a song can turn out to be for someone.

Now I realize, we have to be kind to even share our thoughts. Keeping in mind that somewhere out there someone is waiting for this to be written, just to feel motivated, inspired, feel like they belong by relating it with themselves.

Quratulain Mehdi

Writing let’s you soar while reading is what gives you wings. It’s a 2-in-1 package.

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